Angular2 Crash Course

Learn Angular2 from best-selling author Stephen Walther. In this intensive, live, instructor-led training delivered over the web, you learn how to start building Angular2 web applications in 5 days.

Angular2 is the next version of the Angular framework. Angular is the most popular frontend framework for building web applications. Backed by both Google and Microsoft, Angular is used by millions of developers to build highly-interactive web applications.

  • Day One — TypeScript Essentials

    Angular2 was created with TypeScript. In this first day of the workshop you learn the essential features of TypeScript required to build an Angular2 app. You learn how to work with TypeScript classes, interfaces, and modules.

  • Day Two — Angular2 Components

    Components are the heart of Angular2. Learn how to build Angular2 components from HTML templates, CSS styles, and TypeScript classes.

  • Day Three — Angular2 Routing

    Create a single page app that creates the illusion of multiple pages. Learn how to take advantage of Angular2 routing to creating master/details views and pass data from one view to another.

  • Day Four — Angular2 Ajax

    Learn how to interact with a backend web server by performing Ajax calls. Master Observables and reactive programming in your Angular2 application.

  • Day Five — Angular2 App Building Day

    Practice your new Angular2 skills by building an Angular2 application from start to finish. Create an app that enables you to interact with a Web API to create, read, update, and delete data.


Completion of our TypeScript Crash Course is recommended but not required.

This workshop assumes that you already are familiar with another programming language such as C#, Java, or JavaScript. If you know how to create a loop and understand how to declare a function then you are ready for this workshop.


This five day workshop meets from 8:00am Pacific Time to 3:00pm Pacific Time on Monday through Friday. There is a one hour break for lunch at noon.

Why Superexpert Training?

We have the Most Experience

Superexpert has over 15 years of experience providing training to companies and organizations around the world including Boeing, Microsoft, Verizon, the City of Seattle, Petco, the National Science Foundation, Mary Kay, Intel, the US House of Representatives, the City of New York, NASA, and Lockheed Martin.

We have the Best Instructors

All of our training is delivered by Stephen Walther who is the author of over 10 books on building web applications including the best-selling book ASP.NET Unleashed. Stephen is a former member of the Microsoft ASP.NET Team and has over 20 years of experience providing training on building web applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Online Training Work?

Our workshops are delivered live by an instructor over the the web. Online training is very similiar to onsite training without the hassle of travel. You login every morning at 8:00am Pacific Time and attend the workshop until 3:00pm Pacific Time. During the day, you particate in lectures and complete hands-on labs.

If you have a question during lecture then you can ask the instructor. If you get stuck during a lab then the instructor can help you get unstuck.

Do You Provide Group Discounts?

Absolutely. We provide discounts for groups of 3 or more students. Please contact us at [email protected].

Do You Provide Onsite Training?

Absolutely. We can travel to you to provide onsite training at your company. Please contact us at [email protected].

Have questions? Contact us at [email protected]