Superexpert has over 10 years experience building custom software applications using the ASP.NET framework. We wrote several of the original ASP.NET Starter Kits — such as the Community Starter Kit and the Issue Tracker Starter Kit — for the Microsoft ASP.NET team. We also built the Microsoft Mobile Website. Our management team has a proven track record of successfully delivering software projects. Stephen Walther is a former Senior Program Manager on the Microsoft ASP.NET team. Ruth Walther uses the latest project management skills to ensure your projects stay on time and on budget.
About Stephen Walther


Stephen Walther is a former Senior Program Manager on the Microsoft ASP.NET team. While at Microsoft, he worked on ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Ajax and jQuery, and the ASP.NET framework.

Stephen created the original ASP.NET MVC tutorials and videos for the official Microsoft ASP.NET website. He also gave talks on ASP.NET MVC at major conferences such as Microsoft PDC, Microsoft Tech-Ed, and MIX.

Stephen worked with the open-source jQuery team to build a relationship between Microsoft and jQuery. He worked with the jQuery team to contribute several new features to the jQuery library including templates and globalization. Stephen wrote the original proposal for jQuery templates.

Stephen is the author of several best-selling books including ASP.NET MVC Framework Unleashed and ASP.NET Unleashed. ASP.NET Unleashed is the all-time best-selling book on ASP.NET.

Prior to working at Microsoft, Stephen help found two successful Internet startups, CityAuction which was one of the largest auction websites (CityAuction was later purchased by CitySearch). Stephen also built the Collescape website which provided online college applications for over 200 colleges including Harvard and MIT (Collescape was later purchased by the Educational Testing Services).

Books written by
Stephen Walther
Windows 8 Apps with HTML5 and JavaScript

About Ruth Walther


Ruth Walther is an expert in Agile software development and she is a certified Professional Scrum Master. Her focus is Agile development using Microsoft Visual Studio ALM.

Ruth Walther is passionate about delivering successful software projects. She worked with Microsoft to successfully deliver several highly-visible projects including the Community Starter Kit, the Issue Tracker Starter Kit, and the Microsoft Mobile Website. She has over 9 years of experience working with large software companies through Superexpert.

For her contributions to the ASP.NET and Visual Studio communities, Microsoft awarded Ruth with the Microsoft Visual Studio MVP award. She founded the first .NET user group and she was the User Group Relations Committee Chairperson for the International .NET Association (INETA).

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